Modern Concealed Doors

Modern Concealed Doors

We focus on providing Modern “Flush with the Wall” Doors with Concealed Door Frames and Hidden Hinges. Featuring short lead times and shipping to anywhere in the world.

Our Hidden Door Frames are easy to install and fit all standard sizes and wall thicknesses as well as custom openings.  A Flush Door Panel in combination with our special-design Concealed Door Frames achieves a frameless and trimless look that so many architects and designers are looking for in contemporary construction.

We don’t sell Doors. We sell a Design

We are able to manufacture Frameless Outswing Door Frames as well as Frameless Inswing Door Frames. That means you have the flexibility to have your door Flush on the Outside of the Room but still have it swing to the Inside. A perfect solution when you want all the doors to sit in the same plane of the wall.

In addition to the Hidden Frame and Hidden Hinges, we can provide a Primed Flush Door Panel as well which can be painted to match the wall color. The Wall, the Concealed Door Frame and the Concealed Hinges then form a unique look to set your doors apart from everyone else’s traditional trimmed doors.

Concealed Door Hinges

To achieve a "Flush with the Wall" look, the Adjustable Concealed Hinges (also known as 3D hinges) are a vital ingredient. Ordinary Ball Bearing Hinges are bulky and visible, and take away from the minimal flush design, when the door is closed.

The term "Adjustable Hidden Hinge" is key when it comes to installing any flush door that needs to sit perfectly aligned in the door opening. Many ordinary concealed hinges are not adjustable and, given the unavoidable imperfections of interior walls, will not allow you to fine tune the door panels position.

Why do we focus on "Flush with the Wall" doors?

With the onset of more modern home designs, the demand for this type of door has increased over the last few years. We feel that no Oman company has properly addressed the need for a more modern concealed door frame that does away with the need for trims.

There are of course other companies (usually based in Europe) that offer similar Door Frames with Flush Panels, however size restrictions, long lead times and high costs are a major concern. We aim to provide short lead times and the lowest prices in the market.

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