Italians are the first consumers of bottled water in the EU and second in the world.

Italians love bottled water, so much so that in the world we are second only to Mexico for the highest per capita consumption. In fact, we consume 206 litres of bottled water each year, winning the record in the entire European Union, 30 litres more than the Germans and 84 litres more than the French, according to data from UCIMA, the Union of Italian Manufacturers of Automatic Packaging and Packaging Machines.

Tap water in Italy, whose price is among the lowest in Europe, is of excellent quality, monitored and controlled. When you buy a litre of still water you spend on average 312 times more than drinking a litre of tap water.

Producing, distributing, consuming and disposing of this huge quantity of plastic bottles also costs the environment and the climate. According to Material Economics experts, for every ton of new plastic produced, 2.5 tons of CO2 emissions from industrial processes and another 2.7 tons of CO2 ”incorporated” into the plastic will be released into the atmosphere when the bottle is incinerated. One reason more to remind us to do separate collection.

It is essential to inform citizens to help them make informed choices, but also to invest in research and innovation to accelerate the transition to the Italian circular economy in the plastics sector. Pura Collection by Guglielmi therefore allows you to significantly reduce waste from water in plastic bottles with considerable savings in terms of time and money. Thanks to the systems and filters combined with the unique and exclusive Guglielmi tap, you can have different types of room temperature Still, cold Still, cold Sparkling and 100° Boiling microfiltered water directly from the tap of your kitchen. PURA, synonymous of sustainability and respect for the environment.


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