JNF Architectural Hardware


Ensure the production and distribution of construction and furniture fittings that solve most of the requirements of contemporary architecture and rehabilitation projects, with special attention to the satisfaction of our customers.


Recognizing that the construction of a strong corporate culture and identity are crucial for the realization of the challenges that JNF proposes, we maintain high quality standards in our products and customer support services.

A reliable team with a history

Since 1965, our main activity has been the production of hardware for furniture and construction, with a path of continuous evolution and adaptation to the economy and the challenges of the market, devoting special attention to the development of solutions that meet the trends of contemporary architecture. Several sectors have been created within the JNF, namely research and development of products that play a fundamental role in the company’s dynamics.


Our Design department is multidisciplinary and combines elements from different specialties, such as industrial, product, graphics, communication and marketing. A dynamic team that seeks to create innovative solutions in a clear and appropriate way, always reaffirming the company's identity and its positioning in the market.

Our facilities have a covered area of approximately 9000m², being divided into two main areas: production and logistics. We employ around 50 people directly and almost 150 indirectly, through subcontracting that we use carefully, with strict quality control, in accordance with NP EN ISO 9001: 2008. We are very active in observing the trends of the international market, even in different areas, having a considerable number of new projects permanently under development.


Our Sustainability Program aims to contribute to reducing the ecological footprint and waste. In this sense, in addition to the use of stainless steel, we also use special non-galvanic and non-polluting finishes, such as the titanium finish achieved through PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) technology. As a result of this constant search for new designs and processes, we have been recognized with an innovative and sustainable company.