Ali National Enterprise

Ali National Enterprise was founded in 2001 within Al Souroh with a vision. That vision was to consistently serve the company and build a legacy as a leading contractor. Over the decades we have expanded to include more than 10 housing facilities and 4 buildings across Muscat, through the years of growth, Ali National Ent. has maintained a debt-free, financially conservative philosophy. This approach has kept us financially strong and stable.

Ali National Projects:

Al Souroh Building - Ghala

Al Souroh Building - Hail

Al Souroh twin buildings- Khoadh

Al Souroh Building- Darsait

4 villa compound- Ghubra

3 villa compound- Mawaleh

2 villa compound- Mawaleh

2 villa compound- Mawaleh

Al Souroh building- Walja

Al Souroh head office- Wadi Kabeer